Have you ever heard that washing your hair less is better for maintaining a healthy mane? Or what are the effects of washing your hair too much can do? It is true that washing your hair too often can cause more damage than good, but the texture of your hair is what really determines how often you should wash it. As a general rule your hair needs its essential oils to remain healthy and washing it too often can strip your hair of those necessary oils.

Experts say fine hair may need to be washed more often because it doesn’t hold volume as well and tends to get oily quicker than thicker hair. Most stylists will recommend shampooing and light conditioning fine hair about three times a week.

The lucky ones with thicker hair can go much longer without shampooing it. Every other day or less is recommended for those who sport a full, thick, straight head of hair. The oils and dirt don’t show up as quick and if you wash it too much your hair can lose its luster.

Daily shampooing is ok for anyone with very fine hair, an oily scalp, or for a person living in a humid climate. If you exercise on a regular basis and perspire a lot then it is recommended that you wash your hair as often as you exercise.

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Published On: July 15th, 2015