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Q: My hair is thinning and I don’t want surgery. What can I do?
A: There are many non-surgical hair loss treatments available to you, including our exclusive hair replacement procedures. We will discuss each option with you, make a recommendation based on your individual needs, degree of hair loss, lifestyle and other factors, and help you choose the solution with which you feel most comfortable.

Q: What is the main difference between surgical and non-surgical hair restoration?
A: Non-surgical hair replacement procedures guarantee a significant increase in hair density, and requires no donor area, nor are their success rates dependent upon the texture and curl pattern of your remaining hair. Additionally, a Steve Latham custom non-surgical hair replacement can be used to provide additional hair to men and women who have already undergone hair transplants surgery.

Q: I’m a very active person. Can I still participate in sports?
A: Yes, the purpose of hair restoration procedures is to allow you to do the things that you stopped doing because of your hair loss, such as swimming, boating, water skiing and even riding your Harley.

Q: My father had one of those hairpieces that he took off every night. And I remember my Grandmother wearing one of those awful heavy wigs that never moved. Is this the same thing?
A: Absolutely not. With today’s modern state-of-the-art hair restoration, your new hair cannot come off and it will actually become a natural part of you. It will not only look natural, but it will feel natural as well.

Q: Are there any limitations on the hair style I choose, or how I can comb my hair?
A: You can comb your hair anyway you want, even straight back, revealing a totally natural front hair line.

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Hair loss and thinning hair can be emotionally traumatic and affect how you see yourself and how you react to others. For over 25 years, we have been helping men and women restore not only their hair, but also their confidence and their smile.

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