Madison Alabama Hair Restoration Hair Transplant Clinic

Do you live in Madison Alabama? Have you been experience hair loss? Have you looked into purchasing toupees, wigs, hair weaves, shampoo solutions, hair loss pills and even the modern "snake oil" miracle cure? Have you every thought about hair transplant surgery? Contrary to conventional wisdom, hair transplant surgery can be affordable and is within the means of most people budget. At Steve Latham Hair Transplant Clinic, in Huntsville we offer FREE private, confidential consultations to help you determine which customized treatment option is best for your hair loss situation. Our office is located on University Drive, about 5 miles from Madison. With our central location in Huntsville we can assure you that you will receive the highest quality service with the most natural looking hair implant for quick effective hair restoration. Our basic philosophy with respect to hair restoration begins with a time-honored idea: “Do one thing and do it extremely well.” With our Alabama hair transplant clinic, you don't have to wonder or worry about the experience of our hair transplant team. The lowest price in hair transplants is not the only benefit you will receive from Steve Latham Hair Clinic. Our staff has years of experience is restoring hair loss. Steve Latham Hair clinic has been serving clients in Florence, Madison, Decatur, Huntsville, Athens, Tuscumbia, Cullman and other cities in North Alabama for over five years. We are experts in Hair Loss Treatment in Alabama.